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When an employee is injured on the job, proceed with the following:

  1. Present the injured worker with the “Official Notice” containing the posted physician panel provided in your claims policy information package. This physician panel should be posted where all employees have access to it.
  2. Once the injured worker has selected their physician, circled said physician, and signed the document selecting the physician, contact the selected physician by telephone prior to sending the injured worker for medical care. This document will need to be provided to Benchmark Administrators at the time the claim is reported.
  3. Inform the medical provider you have an injured worker coming and Benchmark Administrators is the claims administrator.
  4. If a worker is seriously injured and needs immediate care or is transported by ambulance, the employer should have a co-worker or supervisor go with the injured worker to assist the with any insurance-related information the medical provider may require.
    • If you are a drug free work place, post-accident drug testing must be requested by the employer representative at the time of medical treatment.
    • Advise the injured worker they must return to your office or job site after receiving medical care and provide the doctor’s signed return-to-work slip or documentation of medical disability.
    • Please forward the return-to-work/disability slip from the doctor to Benchmark Administrators as soon as possible.
  5. It is necessary for the employer fill out the required Form WC-1/ First Report of Injury, the WC-6/ Wage Statement, which can be found on this website, and immediately notify Benchmark Administrators.

Required State Forms

Georgia - First Report of Injury

Medical Provider Options:

Please see Posted Panel of Physicians provided with your policy.

Correspondence & Prescription Billing

Benchmark Administrators
PO Box 46350
Las Vegas, NV 89114
Telephone: (321) 594-7222
Toll Free: (800) 362-5198
Fax: (352) 240-1203

Medical Billing

Medical Bills Can Be Mailed To:

P.O. Box 14365
Lexington, KY 40512

Process medical bills online by signing up with E-Billing Benefits

Western Integrated Care, on behalf of Benchmark Administrators, Payer ID is LV191.


Customer Service Representatives are on call 24 hours per day to assist you. Please have the injured worker's information available as well as the accident description.