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Raising the bar:

Benchmark Administrators (BMA) is a third-party administrator (T.P.A.) affiliated with your workers compensation insurer, Benchmark Insurance Company. BMA has been appointed by Benchmark Insurance to provide workers compensation claims handling services. We are pleased to provide those services to you.

BMA’s claims professionals will work with you in an effort to obtain the best possible outcomes on workers comp claims. Our goal is to ensure that employees receive prompt and appropriate medical care, allowing them to return to work within the earliest feasible time frame.

Your “claims kit”, which includes the forms necessary for you to report workers compensation claims, can be located at It includes the following forms:

  • Employee’s Claim for Workers’ Compensation (DWC-1) – must be completed by the employee and employer if injury occurs
  • Employer’s First Report of Injury (Form 5020) – to be completed by the employer if an injury occurs
  • DWC Notice to Employees Poster – Post this in a conspicuous location such as a kitchen or break room


An MPN, or medical provider network, is a group of health care providers designated by an employer to treat the work related injuries of its employees. Use of an MPN can greatly reduce claims costs and is therefore an important part of an effective workers compensation program. The MPN established for Benchmark’s insurance program is Sierra MPN.

MPN Notification Distribution Instructions:

Provide the injured worker with a copy of the Employee MPN Notification document. The notice must be given in English, and also in Spanish to Spanish-speaking employees. English and Spanish versions of the MPN Notice can be downloaded from

MPN Physician Locator:

If you have questions concerning a physician or clinic, or have problems with the website, please call Danny Thorn at (800) 362-5198 between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.